Croy Tapes

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Here are the recordings from the various reel-to-reel tapes that Carla Croy sent me to restore. There’s quite a bit of stuff, and they are in a rather haphazard order, but I’ve tried to at least label them. My apologies if something is mislabeled or miscategorized. Let me know, in case I uploaded the wrong file!

Daniel Croy Wedding


Other items on same reel-to-reel tape

CroyTapes-03b-Misc #1-A8.-16bit44kHzwav.mp3
CroyTapes-03c-Misc #2-A8-16bit44kHz.mp3
CroyTapes-03d-Misc #3-A8-16bit44kHz.mp3
CroyTapes-03e-Misc #4-A8-16bit44kHz.mp3
CroyTapes-03f-Misc #5-A8-16bit44kHz.mp3
CroyTapes-03g-Misc #6-A8-16bit44kHz.mp3
CroyTapes-03h-Misc #7-A8-16bit44kHz.mp3
CroyTapes-03i-Misc #8-A8-16bit44kHz.mp3
CroyTapes-03j-Misc #9-A8-16bit44kHz.mp3
CroyTapes-03k-Misc #10-A8-16bit44kHz.mp3
CroyTapes-03l-Misc #11-A8-16bit44kHz.mp3

Other Reels

CroyTapes-Reel A, third play dlc_SpokenOnly-A4-Hp-Lim-44k16bit.mp3
CroyTapes-Reel C, music lessons-A7a-Organ-A1-44k16bit.mp3
CroyTapes-Reel C, music lessons-A7b-Piano-A2-44k16bit.mp3
CroyTapes-Reel C, music lessons-A7c-Voice-A2-44k16bit.mp3
CroyTapes-Reel D, Fraley Wed-A3-44k16bit.mp3
CroyTapes-Reel F, band practice-A5-44k16bit.mp3

Original Reel-to-Reel Notes

These notes are from Carla, and relate to the original tapes, so the timings, etc., won’t match the MP3 files above, but will give you some idea of the original layout of the tapes:

Reel to Reel film from DLC transferred to digital files
Estimated start point (min), content

Reel A – First Play (top side of reel), 7.5 inch/second
0, Soprano vocalist
4:00, Marimbas playing
6:10, Vocals at higher speed (likely on other side of reel)
10:00, Orchestra (with continuing chipmunk overlay)
11:50, Applause, jazz diddy, vocalist with whistler & orchestra
13:35, Orchestra ends (with continuing chipmunk overlay)

Reel A – Second Play (bottom side of reel), 3 inch/second
0, National Farmers Union Camp (six states representatives, DL Croy from Ohio, c1954)
1, Overlay begins of indistinct sounds
15. End NFU Campl

Reel B – Daniel and Linda Croy Wedding 3 inch/second
0, Organ music
4, Organ with Rosemary Croy, song 1
6, Organ with Rosemary Croy, song 2
8, Organ with Rosemary Croy, song 3
13, Break
14, Organ with Rosemary Croy, song 4
19, Organ with Rosemary Croy, song 5 Lord’s Prayer
22, Organ playing wedding march
27, Pastor’s message, vows
31, Static
32, Vows
35, Exit march
38, End
38, Linda Croy at Bowling Green possibly
62, Susie Jones monolog on Farmer Jones
63, Pig club at 4H
65, Piano vocalist with soloist
70, Likely Rosemary at Ohio State University singing
84, End

Reel C – Violin, vocalist, piano, 7.5 inch/second
0, Violin practicing
Before 19, Vocalist with piano overlaid on audio from other side
After 19, series of tares in tape

Reel D – Phillip and Rosemary Croy Wedding, 3 inch/second
0, Organ music 1
5.5, Organ music 2
13, Organ music 3
18, Organ music 4
21, Organ music 5
31, Organ music 6
35, Marriage ceremony
Pastor’s message
Lord’s Prayer Song

Reel F – Music, 7.5 inch/second
Top side
Band Practice

Bottom side